Chula Vista: Central Chula Vista

Bounded by E Street to the north, I-5 to the west, Second Avenue to the east and L Street to the south, Central Chula Vista is known as the original core of the city. This area houses the Civic Center, Chula Vista Public Library, Chula Vista Center, Chula Vista Police Station and the Third Avenue downtown area. Several recreational opportunities exist including Memorial Park, Plaza de Nacion Urban Park at City Hall and Friendship Park, along with Parkway and Norman Park Senior Community Centers. The Third Avenue Business District is being revitalized through recent street and sidewalk improvements.

Indicator Details

Indicatorssort ascending Primary Domain Indicator Value Rank Tier
Walkability Neighborhood Characteristics 2.2 13 Top
Voter Participation Social Cohesion 65.4% 130 Bottom
Violent Crime Health Systems and Public Safety 13.7 114 Bottom
Vacancy Rates Housing 12.6% 127 Bottom
Tree Cover Natural Areas 0.0% 143 Bottom
Travel Time to Work Employment Opportunities 25.3 64 Middle
Transit Accessibility Transportation 58.4 24 Top
Toxic Releases from Facilities Environmental Hazards 0.0% 1 Top
School Readiness Scores Educational Opportunities -% - Data N/A
School Proximity to Traffic Environmental Hazards 5.3% 7 Top
Residential Proximity to Traffic Environmental Hazards 18.7% 100 Middle
Residential Mobility Social Cohesion 87.4% 53 Middle
Reading Proficiency Educational Opportunities 67.7% 60 Middle
Public Assisted Households Employment Opportunities 29.2% 143 Bottom
Proximity to Superfund Sites Environmental Hazards 0.0% 1 Top
Proximity to Brownfield Sites Environmental Hazards 0.0% 1 Top
Preventable Hospitalizations Health Systems and Public Safety - - Data N/A
Preschool Enrollment Educational Opportunities 26.9% 140 Bottom
Pedestrian Connectivity Transportation 116.1 20 Top
Offsite Alcohol Outlets Neighborhood Characteristics 9.1 98 Middle
Motor Vehicle Collisions Health Systems and Public Safety 3.1 101 Bottom
Low Birth Weight Health Systems and Public Safety 6.7% 100 Middle
Long-Term Unemployment Employment Opportunities 5.9% 83 Middle
Local Business Vitality Economic Health 52.0% 100 Middle
Household Transportation Costs Transportation 18.1% 26 Top
High School Graduation Rate Educational Opportunities 57.2% 69 Middle
Food Desert Neighborhood Characteristics -% - Data N/A
Excessive Housing Cost Burden Housing 44.8% 119 Bottom
Employment Rate Employment Opportunities 53.6% 106 Bottom
Commute Mode Share Transportation 23.5% 19 Top
Chronic School Absence Health Systems and Public Safety -% - Data N/A
Business Retention Economic Health 0.5% 87 Middle
Blood Lead Levels in Children Housing -% - Data N/A
Age of Housing Housing 84.0% 144 Bottom
Adult Educational Attainment Educational Opportunities 71.4% 135 Bottom
Access to Parks and Open Space Natural Areas 1.4 50 Top
Access to Mainstream Financial Services Economic Health 26.5% 117 Bottom